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How will Vlog be redefined from niche to the general public?

How will Vlog be redefined from niche to the general public? Before this year, Vlog was not a friendly word, and its name screened out a large number of people who did not know enough about English letters. But because of the interesting form it represents, the video diary, and the popularity of platforms such as YouTube abroad, it has begun to be noticed by more and more Internet companies in China. Weibo, b station, watermelon video... Many platforms have begun to add Vlog to train their own content producers. Yesterday, Vibrato also announced the opening of 1-minute video rights for all-platform users and launched the Vlog 1 billion flow support program. The last time the platform side subsidized content producers, it was still in the stage of encouraging short video and graphic production. The industry began to believe that Vlog is the only media form in video content that needs to be developed in-depth, and it is likely to lead the next wave of a short video. But its so
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Zero privacy world: Is it possible to "streaking" gracefully? |Cultural aspect

Zero privacy world: Is it possible to "streaking" gracefully? |Cultural aspect "The secret is to lie, sharing is caring, privacy is stealing." This is the bold imagination of the American science fiction writer Dave Eggers about the future. This sentence is the preface of the super company in the film of the same name in The Circle. There, the ethics that we take for granted are reversed and new creeds are created: hiding privacy is a serious personality defect. Turning over personal information is equivalent to realizing the freedom of life, and “sharing the virtues”; while protecting privacy is treated as theft. To be rejected by new human beings and handed over to new legal sanctions. Privacy, which can stimulate the imagination of the writer, should be said to be the mark of the intelligent era of the Internet of Things. However, as the legal owner of privacy, we are grateful for the generosity of Mr. Eggs. Because in his super-intelligent future, p

The new generation on social media

 The new generation on social media; technology to stimulate people's needs, the people-oriented design is no longer perfect In the true sense, the first generation of digital aborigines, their self-image is built on the social media "disguise dress up", or the real self after taking off the filter, or the two have long been inseparable? Don Norman, the interactive design master who puts forward "people-oriented", calls for design to be rejected by technology. Human beings are the most important thing, but another voice says: This concept is outdated. Looking back at the history of computer science, the earliest traceable is the logic in the composition of human thought and essence... Here is the seventeenth issue of TechBoard. TechBoard is a global perspective that selects weekly important technology reviews. We will introduce technical review articles worth reading in the form of abstracts and encourage readers to read the original text. Instagram gen

Social immortality: evaporative cooling effect in social

Social immortality: evaporative cooling effect in social The person who wants to know others most is also the one who most people don't want to know. The person who wants to date most is the one who most wants to date. The person who wants to talk the most is the one who does not want to hear him. Much social software only fail because they ignore this most basic principle. I call it the evaporative cooling problem. And I believe that unless the designer wants to see their product slowly become a dirty, mediocre lump, the public problem must be solved in any collection. The evaporative cooling effect was learned from a wonderful article by Eliezer Yudowsky about the special phenomenon of group dynamics. This effect refers to the phenomenon that occurs when most of the high-value contributors in an ecological community find that the community is unable to provide what they need and thus leave. Once this happens, the quality of the community will decline, and the second-hi

How does social media affect your life?

How does social media affect your life? From an anthropological perspective, how do you view the impact of social media on people's lives? Is it getting people to have greater freedom of making friends, or is it more anxious? Is it making friends more intimate or more alienated? Why We Post? People use social networks to communicate with the outside world, access information, and build and maintain a variety of interpersonal relationships. For the workers in the small town factory, what is the meaning of a smartphone, a QQ space, and a QQ group that is full of time? The lives of these workers are not only the geographical migration between their hometowns and the towns where the factories are located but also in line with global trends, moving from offline to online. At this sharing session, Dr. Xinyuan was cut into the methodology of anthropological research. He first introduced the understanding and understanding of the global topic of “Social Impact of Social Media” f

Are Vlogs going to replace Blogs by 2020?

Are Vlogs going to replace Blogs by 2020? Blogger, also known as a weblog, is a website that publishes, publishes, and posts personal articles on the web using specific software from 2007-03-31. It is usually a website that is managed by individuals and occasionally posts new articles. In 2000, blogs began to enter China and developed rapidly, but their performance was flat. In 2004, the Muzimei incident made the Chinese people understand the blog. In 2005, various domestic portal websites joined the blog camp, and thus entered the blogging Spring and Autumn and Warring States era, mainly Sina blog, Sohu blog, China blog network, Tencent blog, blog China and so on. Isn't the youth of blogs written enough to be complete? One of the most fashionable and showable things of the year after the 80s, writing blogs and focusing on blogs of certain celebrities and cattle. In 2006, NetEase positioned the blog as a “killer” application. After only three years of online launch, N